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Family-Friendly Orthodontic Services

Wide Variety of Family-Friendly Orthodontic Services

We have a wide variety of services to suit your needs. From braces and retainers to sleep apnea —we do it all. Our practice is focused on maximizing facial aesthetics, optimizing jaw relationships and widening smiles. When both jaws facial aesthetics are aligned, we have created your best smile. Browse our services section to find out more about what we can do to get you closer to your dream smile.

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Braces & clear aligners

Offering various traditional metal braces or clear braces such as clear aligners.

Airway and Sleep Apnea

The first signs of sleep apnea are oral issues. We’ll diagnosis and assist in oral appliance therapy.

Two Phase Treatment

Two steps to optimize the jaw relationships for ideal function and facial appearance.


Custom made to hold teeth in position after surgery or any method of realigning teeth.

Dentofacial Orthopedics

Normalize the growth of bone structure and repair any imbalances of the face and jaw.

A Word From Dr. Kuhta

“I want to personally thank you for exploring orthodontic treatment with our office. My approach to patient care is driven by my passion for providing care for your family members like I would my own. I am looking at the airway, function of the bite, and aesthetics. Take a look at our reviews and you’ll get a feel for why people love it here. We love what we do and I tell my patients every day I have the best job in the world. The difference is in the feeling you will get spending time with us and the joy we can bring to your day. There’s no one else like us – once you get taste of how we do things you’ll realize why we’ve become recognized as the best.”


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