Two-Phase Treatment

There is more to achieving a great smile than just your teeth.

We evaluate every patient to determine if there is a need to optimize the jaw relationships for ideal function and facial appearance. The first phase is the skeletal correction; the second phase is the dental correction.

Phase 1 (Skeletal)

Dentofacial orthopedic appliances are used to ensure the jaws are of optimum size and position to each other and the cranial base. Not only does this create room for all the adult teeth but optimizes facial appearance. Children often exhibit early signs the jaws are not developing properly; jaws that are asymmetric, too far forward, too far back, too narrow or jaws with insufficient room for all the permanent teeth are what the doctors are looking for.

Phase 2 (Dental)

The goal of the dental correction is the ideal alignment of the teeth to ensure harmony with the cheeks, lips and tongue. Phase two usually involves Invisalign or traditional braces.

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